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March 2, 2022

Stakely Monthly Review | February Edition 2022

March 2, 2022

We are here to show you the latest news, improvements, updates and much more about Stakely and all the projects for which we offer our staking services.

Stakely News

In this month of February we have reached 8000 users staking with us! In addition, our Twitter community has also grown to 9000 followers! From Stakely we want to thank you for your trust, which we hope to reward with the best quality of our service. If you still don't follow us, don't wait any longer, join the great Stakely community!

We stay an active member in the community of validators of the most representative networks, we keep voting, supporting new proposals and contributing with initiatives such as our faucet, which some projects have already recommended in their official channels. Follow us on our social networks to stay up to date!

We would like to highlight our participation in the first generation of Omniflix Network validators, and also in the SSV Network.

This month, on our Youtube channel, you have been able to watch new videos with staking instructions for Near, Polkadot,, or how to trade guides for the Osmosis and Sifchain DEXs. Follow our step-by-step guides and use our support channels on Telegram if you have any questions.

Also, we have added the BitCanna and Iris Network chains to our faucet, where you can easily request tokens to pay the fees for each network in case you run out of native tokens.

Updates on our supported projects

Let's take a look at what's new in our projects for February 2022. We'll give you the latest news on the different networks for which we validate at Stakely.

SSV Network

They have introduced an updated graphical environment, easier and more intuitive with new tools to make navigation easier for the user.


Cosmos remains the cradle of great ideas and projects. In the last month we have seen the list of testnet networks that will be coming to Cosmos in the first half of the year. Archway, Celestia, Tgrade, Umee, Pylons, are some of them, so we will follow them closely.

In addition, we took a look at the Interchain Security environment, which uses IBC and will be launched at Cosmos, as well as the arrival at Cosmos IBCGang of Sommfinance, a new co-processor for EVM that aims to make transactions more agile and automated.

We also celebrated the launch of the UMEE Mainnet, a cross-chain full of possibilities, with native lending module, community governance and enhanced interoperability.


Avalanche has made a strategic investment in EonXI Labs with the goal of bridging socio-economic gaps through metaverse and P2E gaming, and PlayAscenders, an open world RPG inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, launches on an Avalanche subnet.

According to the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI), Avalanche consumes the same amount of energy per year as just 46 American households, or 0.0028% of the energy consumed by the Ethereum network.

AVAX is available for trading on GetCoinZoom, FTX.US, ZeroSwapLabs, and already has its Liquid Staking on BENQI, where by staking AVAX, you receive sAVAX and generate interest on the native Avalanche token.


Bitcanna has continued to expand during the month of February. It is now available and functional on Emeris Beta and JunoSwap Dex. It is now accepted as a currency for the Moonbys marketplace.

It has also added a partnership with IBC Frens, which will include in a set of "Melted Faces" exclusive Bitcanna details in its genesis collection.


Celo has also made great progress in February. They have presented their third stable coin for mobile payments, the cReal, accepted in Brazil for micropayments and available in the country's main exchanges and Celo applications.

Impact Market has launched its DAO and PACT governance token. CELO is now available on XTExchange, BingX Official , LocalCoinSwap, BundleAfrica and Hex Trust. And all set for the Expresso hardfork, scheduled for March 8. In addition, Allbridge now brings Celo assets closer with Near Protocol.

The Celo Foundation's "Defi for the People" initiative continues, supporting pilot projects, creating micro-jobs, and launching local currencies under the slogan "Prosperity for all". Redstone DeFi has joined the CeloOrg ecosystem, preparations continue for the Celo Connect Barcelona which will take place on 4-5 April.

As always, a frenetic pace at, which continues in February with a great activity among which we highlight the launch of the Philadelphia 76ers NFT collection, a tribute to Wilt Chamberlain, new arrivals to the application such as Qredo, or the recent compatibility of the DeFi wallet with NFTs based on the Cronos chain and available on the Derivatives exchange: BANDUSD, RAYUSD and QTUMUSD Perpetual Contracts!

The exchange now supports DOT, RAY, RADAR, PENDLE, LSK, IRIS deposits and withdrawals.

Dare to keep up with!


In February, Polkadot received a mention for its reduced carbon footprint from a crypto-research and the creation of a one-way bridge from Polkadot to Alcala.

In addition, we met the winners of the latest parachains have been Hydra Dx, Interlay HQ, and the 154th motion to elect the "Elected curator" of the Polkadot Pioneer's Prize, which turned out to be a multisig between Alistair Stewart and Aleixo Sanchez of Web3 Foundation, Xiliang Chen of Acala, Watanabe Sota of Astar, and Nacho R.I. as councillor, has passed the vote of the council.

This month also saw the approval of the parachains calendar until next January.


As Desmos news highlights for this month, we have the inclusion of the project in Atomscan or Emeris HQ Beta and the move towards large decentralisation with proposal 13 to increase the number of validators. Proposal 14 to increase the minimum commission rate for validators to 5% has also been approved.


Although we are sure that our users are much more interested in what is happening these days in the project, we cannot forget the great work that is being done and that we are sure will continue.

In February, the Fantom community presented a new governance proposal to reduce the amount of auto-staking required to run a validation node. Request now supports more than 15 cryptocurrencies on the Fantom network for billing and cryptocurrency payments.

FTM has been included in Poloniex and Blocknative and we have had the launch of Solidly Exchange, Artion V2 and **liquid staking in Stader **Labs.

Dapp Radar and Zen Ledger IO are now compatible with Fantom and Coinstats has integrated the network with a host of utilities.

March will be a big month of change and learning for Fantom and we will be here to support and tell you about it.


From Juno we can highlight a lot of internal work, through Dao DAO, with the development of DAO tools for creating multisigs, building DAOs with governance tokens and operating them all through the user interface.

They have launched NETA on Juno, submitted a proposal to add incentives to kickstarter and launched community chats specific to the Netherlands, Spanish and Turkish speaking countries.

KILT Protocol

Moving towards decentralisation, it has increased the number of collators from 26 to 30, an initiative that opens up potentially 100 delegation positions and its community has grown to 70K followers!


Highlights this month in Kusama, the inclusion of Sora and Kico through their parachains and the approval of motion 438 with the scheduling of the parachains for the rest of the year.

LTO Network

The next Tokenomics update, which will make it possible for coin holders to get a better APY, the start of LTO trading, the listing on Latokens and Coin Metro or the new partnership with Bit Hotel, Metaverse Games Studio or YoMetaverse, have been some of the news in this month in LTO Network that continues to advance in its personal roadmap, which you can also follow in its new TikTok channel.

Terra Money

New proposals for February at Terra Station. Adding UST to zkSync and StarkNet via the ZigZag Exchange, securing an exclusive 5-year partnership with a major US professional sports franchise using Terra Community Trust (TCT) or upgrading on-chain liquidity parameters to improve stability are some of them.

LUNA is available on Celsius Wallet, Green Planet Finance, Kava and Bittrex and UST has been listed on Kraken. And Wormhole facilitates the bridge between Terra and Solana, Ethereum and Binance. It is expected to be available on FTX soon.

Near Protocol

Although very focused on Ethereum Denver, where Near had a strong presence, this month has also been a month of breakthroughs and collaborations.

Games World at Near. Pixel Dapps has launched Crypt Hero Game, a blockchain-based Player-vs-Environment game on NEARProtocol, and LandToEmpire, a Play-to-Earn strategy game, launched its mainnet!

The number of validators has increased and the upcoming launch of fragment-only producers will allow more participants to help secure the network. And the partnership with Elliptic will improve security in the chain.


During February at Marlin, the Bridge and Governance contract has been upgraded to the latest version of Solidity in preparation for the implementation in Arbitrum.

Binance added POND on Cross Margin and POND is now fully available on MultichainOrg (formerly Anyswap) with added liquidity for Ethereum, Arbitrum and BSC.

Added support for POND/MPond token bridging to be bi-directional, enabling bridging between Arbitrum and Ethereum. The user interface is currently in testing and will be released once it is ready.

Regen Network

Regen was another project that focused its February activity on the Ethereum Denver event, but there is still more, such as REGEN available on Junoswap, the great collaboration with the Toucan team, who also aggregated it for positive climate protocols, and much more!

One that has returned to the Regen Network, Tradingrades, with its public sale and governance proposal #9 on the Regen Ledger v3.0 upgrade will be active until 12/03/2022.

Secret Network

ALTER has been listed on Secretswap in February. And Secret Python, a tool focused on Python interactions with Secret Network, is now available.

It has also been announced that they are working on a new feature for Secret DAO that will make DAO creation in SCRT simple, easy and cost-effective. And Secret Network has been updated to v1.2.5, which introduces query nodes, which will greatly increase performance and result in a faster and smoother experience when using Secret dApps.


This month, Solana launched Solana Pay, a new decentralised payment protocol that allows consumers to send digital dollar currencies, such as USDC, from their wallet directly to the merchant's account.

And we already have the dates for the next Hackathon, New York 14 March and Bahamas 23-29 April.

Gnosis Chain

A month full of activity for Gnosis, starting with the collaboration with Hop Protocol, which aims to increase liquidity in the chain and encourage LP and new projects.

Genuinoworld is now available on Gnosis Chain. You will be able to get NFT packages to earn points and daily rewards. They have also welcomed Qi DAO Protocol, VITA and Hundred Finance.

Decentralisation takes on a new meaning in the Gnosis Beacon Chain, which has surpassed 40 000 validators.

A month full of news, events, updates and great collaborations. A constant activity of which Stakely does not miss a beat and will bring you a punctual report next month. Until then, we hope you found this information interesting and don't forget to join our community to keep up to date with everything related to staking and the crypto world in general. | Twitter | Youtube | News | Telegram | LinkedIn

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