Staking Insurance Program

Protecting your delegated funds with Stakely's Staking Insurance Program
At Stakely, we prioritize the security of your staked assets. Our Staking Insurance Program is designed to safeguard your funds in the event of a slash incident affecting our validators

What slashing events do we cover?

Stakely offers insurance protection for delegators, funded by a percentage of the monthly earned fees. With Stakely's Staking Insurance Program, we provide coverage for various slashing events to ensure the safety of your staked funds


Extended periods of downtime, resulting in missed block validations or poor performance


In the rare instance of accidental or malicious double-signing, our insurance program safeguards your assets from the associated penalties

Other slashing events

Stakely takes full responsibility for any slash incidents that are solely and exclusively caused by poor operation or management by our team

Refund process

At Stakely, we prioritize transparency and fairness in our Staking Insurance Program. Here's how the enforcement procedure works:
Slash incident detection
Once a slash incident is detected in a Stakely validator and meets the criteria for coverage under our Staking Insurance Program, we initiate the enforcement process
Refund preparation
Stakely will meticulously prepare the refund details for each affected account within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. This information, along with the means of refund, will be communicated through Stakely's official media channels, including Twitter and Telegram
User validation period
Delegators will have 5 days from the publication of the announcement to validate or claim any discrepancies found in the refund list presented by Stakely
Claims and rectification
During the designated validation period, users can submit claims or request rectifications if they identify any discrepancies. Stakely will review and address these claims accordingly
At the end of the validation period, no further claims or modifications will be accepted. The refund will be processed to ensure the timely resolution of the slash incident

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