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White-Label Staking

Maximize your staking rewards effortlessly with our white-label staking solutions. We handle the technical details, you reap the benefits

Multichain solutions

Our non-custodial white-label staking solution allows you to make the most of your delegation without moving funds from your wallet

Benefits of White-Label Staking

Reap the benefits of operating your own node, without the complexity. We manage all the details

Initial setup and configuration

We handle everything, from the optimal server selection and the connection to the appropriate blockchain, to tuning your node for peak performance

Ongoing maintenance and updates

With the constantly evolving crypto landscape, we manage all necessary maintenance and updates, ensuring your node remains secure and runs smoothly

Higher Returns

By leveraging the power of MEV, we ensure our clients get the maximum possible returns on their staking investment

Customizable to your brand

Our white-label staking service is designed for diverse clients, from corporations and individuals to DAOs. Always under your own brand name

Staking Insurance

For added security, we offer our own staking insurance, providing an extra level of assurance for your staked assets

Why Stakely?

Proven Expertise

As a AAA-rated Verified Provider by Staking Rewards, our experienced team has managed over 40 different blockchains, ensuring a high level of knowledge and proficiency

Custom Solutions

We understand that each client and network is unique. We analyze each case and offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs

Active Monitoring

Our monitoring and alerting system guarantees smooth operation with an uptime exceeding 99.9%, round the clock

Flexible Payment

We offer the convenience of monthly or yearly payments in stable currencies or fiat

Enhanced Security

We offer optional staking insurance, providing an extra layer of security

Defined SLAs

Our Service Level Agreements guarantee high-quality service and set clear expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

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