Staking Investment Platform
Earn rewards through Proof of Stake mining
Why choose us?
Here are some reasons why you will make the best decision by choosing us.
Low Fees
Our goal is to minimize fees as much as possible while maintaining high reliable and safe node infrastructure.
Team with a variety of fields of knowledge with years of crypto-experience.
Supporting crypto projects from the start, from deploying nodes to bootstrapping communities.
We have the largest Spanish crypto community. We develop community tools and documentation easy and accessible to everyone.
Stake with us
Earn passive income in crypto by delegating your idle tokens.
We contribute to secure the following blockchains.
0.00 %
Fantom (FTM)
0.00 %
Kusama (KSM)
0.00 %
Terra (LUNA)
0.00 %
Crypto (CRO)
0.00 %
Marlin (POND)
0.00 %
Marlin (MPOND)
0.00 %
LTO Network (LTO)
0.00 %
Stafi (FIS)
0.00 %
CertiK (CTK)
0.00 %
Sifchain (ROWAN)
0.00 %
Ethereum (ETH)
- %
Hopr (HOPR)
- %
Polkadot (DOT)
- %
Avalanche (AVAX)
- %
Solana (SOL)
- %
Plasm (PLM)
Earn more with Referrals
Refer people using Stakely Dashboard and earn a lifetime percentage of their Staking Rewards.
What is Staking?
Proof of Stake blockchains use staking as the security mechanism to keep nodes honest.
You can help protect networks, while holding your crypto in your wallet, delegating them to a trusted validator. In return, you get rewards.