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Optimize the performance and scalability of your decentralized apps with our Web3 API Load Balancer
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What is a Web3 API load balancer?

The Web3 Load Balancer distributes workloads across multiple nodes for faster response times, better availability, and improved cost efficiency for your decentralized applications

By automatically distributing workloads, it reduces congestion and delays, ensuring faster and more reliable responses

Advantages of using the Web3 Load Balancer

Our load balancer offers several advantages, including:

Reduced infrastructure costs

Optimize resource use to save on infrastructure and operational expenses.

Increased scalability

Handle more traffic and workloads, making it easier to scale your decentralized application.

Improved performance and response times

Reduce congestion and delays by distributing workloads across multiple nodes.

Using the Web3 Load Balancer

To use our load balancer, simply replace the default endpoint URL in your decentralized application with our load balancer endpoint URL

No software installation or infrastructure setup is required

Once you have the load balancer endpoint URL, replace the existing endpoint with the new URL to automatically distribute workloads across multiple nodes, optimizing performance and scalability

Available APIs for multiple blockchains


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h

Cosmos Hub

Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h

Secret Network

Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h


Requests in 24h

Use cases

The Web3 API Load Balancer is essential for any developer building decentralized applications that require reliable and scalable API access
Here’s how our tool can particularly benefit your projects:

High traffic environments

Efficiently distribute large volumes of traffic across multiple nodes, ensuring faster and more reliable responses

Heavy workloads

Optimize the management of resource-intensive API requests to improve performance and availability

Cost optimization

Make the most of your existing resources, reducing unnecessary server downtime and infrastructure costs


Seamlessly handle increasing workloads, simplifying the management and scaling of your infrastructure

Enhanced user experience

Minimize downtime and reduce latency to provide a seamless and reliable experience for your users

Limitations of using the Web3 API Load Balancer

While our Web3 Load Balancer improves performance and scalability, some limitations may arise in certain situations. Stakely is committed to addressing any issues and providing regular updates to ensure the tool meets your needs. If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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