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July 12, 2022

Stakely Monthly Review | June Edition 2022

July 12, 2022

It's summer time! But wait, we're not going on holidays! As we do every month, we bring you a brief summary with the Stakely's highlights and those of the networks we validate for. Bring an ice coffee and enjoy the read!

By our side, we're happy to see how our community keeps growing. This month, we reached 23,044 delegators! Thanks to everyone for choosing Stakely, this is our fuel to continue striving every day with more enthusiasm to provide the best service.

As for Youtube, we launched new Evmos, Solana and Covalent staking tutorials.

Have you ever checked our weekly project reports? You'll find there all the information about the current status of your favourite networks. And from now on, you will be able to find a new network in these reports! Thanks to Concordium's Sirius update, we have activated our services as baker on Concordium.

We've also covered some very interesting topics on our blog this month. Did you miss them? Let's see what did you miss this time:

We keep providing technical support on our Telegram Stakely Chat and our Spanish Stakely Chat. In addition, you can follow our projects in our Telegram News Channel, our Twitter, and our Youtube Channel, where you will find step-by-step guides on how to delegate on different networks.

Remember that Stakely's Faucet is available for more than twenty networks, allowing you to pay the fees to trade in case run out of tokens.

To finish, we're glad to announce that we opened 2 new APIs in our Load Balancer: Secret Network and Evmos.

Updates on our projects


This month, Ethereum published a highly recommended article on Bridges. Regarding the Merge, a community discussion raised on Github about adding the "Trustless" tag to staking pools. Some comments have suggested that it's worth discussing publicly how to define this tag and how it applies to staking pool services.

Regarding the course of Ethereum, they have updated the Q2 roadmap and added a compilation of Ethereum wallets.

The updates to the merge website continue. In this case, many changes have been applied with the deploy of v4.2.0, the launch of Ropsten testnet has been completed and they are heading towards one of the last simulations, the Sepolia testnet.

The network upgrades continue in the run-up to the Merge. This month, different changes have been applied with the deployment of v4.2.0, the simulation with Ropsten was completed and they are heading towards the penultimate simulation, with the Sepolia testnet.


This month, Fantom has been listed on Kraken and Kriptomat. In addition, it has announced new network integrations with Boba Network, Solace and also Frontier.

In addition, Fantom was one of the projects attending Consensus 2022, one of the most representative events of the year, or as a car sponsor at the legendary 24h of Lemans.

There was also time for technical issue, which has already been resolved. Due to a breach by an external provider, Ankr's domain hosts has been changed, which affected some of the access to the free standalone public RPCs of Fantom and Polygon.


This month the most important Polkadot event, Polkadot Decoded, was held in New York, where the Polkadot Hacker House took place too. As expected, Polkadot was one of the attendees at the Consensus 2022.

Hacker House
Hacker House


Four individuals reached to exploit a bug found after the v9.0 update of Osmosis that could have potentially depleted the liquidity pool. As the team knew of the bug, validators decided to halt the chain to prevent further damage. The Osmosis team worked to write a patch and restart the chain as soon as possible. Those individuals accounted for 95% of the exploit amount ($5M), and two of them expressed to intent to return the funds in full. In the end, this event helped to ensure the security proceesses around code upgrades.


This month has been the month of Terra 2.0 listings; it has been listed on Kraken Futures, the Phoenix DEX, as well as Stader LunaX. It is also available on Transak.

The Terra Bridge V2 is now available and allows users to transfer assets to and from Terra 2.0, Ethereum, Osmosis, Secret, Cosmos and Juno.

No doubt they are recovering its activity as best they know how: building!


These are the Kusama's parachain winners this month:

Several integrations have also taken place this month, including Mercuryo and Kyve.


The Celo Huobi Hack workshops continued and the Graph x Celo Hackathon also took place. The $cUSD token is now available Huobi Global and the Connect the world initiative continues, the $20M campaign to incentivise the development of high quality Celo on-ramps and off-ramps around the world.

The governance proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on Celo passed with more than 99% of votes in favour.

This month, they hosted Kuneco in their community call, where Daniel Kimotho shared information about the Fund and upcoming workshops in Celo Africa. Kevin Charles from Coco Pago spoke about the Pago wallet and how it has processed over $110k to Venezuela since its launch in March.


There are two new pools available in the Sifchain DEX: COMDEX/ROWAN and OSQTH/ROWAN. In terms of governance, proposal #86 passed, which proposed to incentivise the wBTC pool.

The Peggy 2.0 Bridge code has been audited by 4 different entities, while the Dev Rels team keeps writing documentation and guides and the front-end team updated the DEX, focusing now on designing the UX for Margin Trading.


Undoubtedly the most important event was the release of Sirius Protocol, the update that enabled delegations in staking pools.


On the other hand, the testnet has been reset and the PHI team has already finished a prototype of GoVote, an open voting system built on top of Concordium.

The Concordium team has distributed the Airdrop 2 first batch to 63,833 accounts. There have been updates to the node and wallets and the Testnet3 rewards have been distributed.


The Farming 2.0 module has been activated and users can now use the new features of the Bifrost app. Bifrost is borrowing 50,000 KSM from the Kusama treasury for an initial liquidity subsidy for vKSM and enrich the KSM use case scenarios.

The Bifrost team participated in the first Dotsama ecosystem event in Prague and in the Polkadot Hackathon 2022. In addition, Christian, Bifrost's growth manager, and Thomas, community leader, were at the Polkadot Decoded in Berlin.

What’s more?

  • Avalanche designed Core, an all-in-one web3 operating system that opens up a new level of performance for the network. In addition, it has integrated Curvegrid, which will enable the creation of NFTs in Avalanche.

  • has received provisional approval of its virtual asset MVP licence from the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) and is continuing a major sponsorship campaign for both crypto and external events (MMA athletes, motor racing, football...).

  • Near will integrate the Multichain ecosystem. In addition, it has announced Near's JS SDK based on QuickJS, the tiny JS VM written by the well-known hacker Fabrice Bellard, which runs as a guest VM on the WebAssembly host on the blockchain nodes.

  • Evmos has announced that you can now autocompound your staking rewards and make IBC transfers between Evmos and Osmosis.

  • Covalent has integrated Astar Network, one of Polkadot's top parachains.

  • Secret Network is preparing for the next major update to the main network, Shockwave Omega.

  • As for LTO Network, LTO has been listed on Binance US and the LTO Network mainnet is now officially supported by Kucoin.

  • On Stafi, FIS has been listed on Coinbase and Kraken! They've prepared a 1000 FIS giveaway for 100 users to this milestone!

  • Regen Network is about to release Regen Ledger V.4 with blockchain projects, marketplace functionality, green data services and cross-chain credits.

  • Desmos launched a Grant Programme for for projects, contributions and community expansions. In addition, it is about to release Desmos Protocol 4.0.0, which will be launched soon on testnet.

  • In Crescent, governance proposal #6 passed, so bCRE/USDC and ETH/bCRE pools have been incentivised. Finally, Imperator was elected as the new Liquid Staking validator at Crescent.

That’s all for this monthly review! We hope you found the content useful, and we look forward to seeing you on our networks, where you can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the ecosystem.

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