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Meet the Stakely Team

Since our inception in 2020, we've been at the forefront of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) revolution. What began as a small group of blockchain enthusiasts has rapidly evolved into a leading global infrastructure provider, validating across more than 40 mainnet networks
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About us

At Stakely, we don't just participate in Proof-of-Stake, we shape its future! We partner with leading protocols and are always on the lookout for new ways to innovate—not only with our technology but also by creating educational content that empowers our community.

With top-notch security certifications, including SOC Type 2 and GDPR compliance, we ensure that the staking landscape is not only secure but also universally accessible.

Envisioning a world empowered by blockchain

We at Stakely envision a future where blockchain technology is at the heart of our digital economy, revolutionizing how we interact, operate, and manage our assets.

Our vision is a world where decentralized finance is accessible to everyone, everywhere, enabling people to be part of a secure, transparent, and fair digital ecosystem.

Our goal? To lead this transformation and make blockchain a seamless part of daily life for people around the globe.

Why Stakely

We empower staking with a strategy focused on impact.

Staking made easy

Our mission starts by stripping away the complexities of staking. With intuitive platforms and clear guides, we simplify the journey for everyone, ensuring seamless entry into the digital economy.

Innovation meets security

Our core philosophy revolves around pioneering blockchain technology while upholding the highest security standards. This dual commitment positions us as a trusted validator, offering both a secure and innovative staking experience.

Knowledge is power

We're dedicated to empowering you through education. Our extensive resources and vibrant community foster a culture of informed investing, enabling you to make confident decisions.

Collective progress

Advancing towards a decentralized financial system is a collective effort. At Stakely, we're at the forefront, collaborating with industry leaders to drive blockchain innovation.

Our values

At Stakely, we breathe professionalism, sophistication, and transparency. These values are the foundation of our mission to democratize access to blockchain.


Our dedication is unwavering. With an expert team driven by the core principles of blockchain, we deliver reliability and excellence in every interaction.


Innovation is our hallmark. We navigate and contribute to the blockchain realm with sophisticated solutions, pushing boundaries to offer unparalleled service.


Your trust is our priority. By maintaining open communication and providing clear insights into our operations, we ensure you're informed and we provide the best service.

Our journey

Explore Stakely's journey, highlighting our progress and yearly milestones

Our team

Our strength lies in our diversity and expertise. The Stakely team comprises industry veterans and blockchain enthusiasts from across the globe, united by a shared vision to innovate and democratize the staking landscape

Shape the future of staking with us

Join a dynamic, fully remote team that's making waves in the decentralized economy.

With colleagues from over four countries, and a culture of engagement, we invite you to bring your talents to Stakely.

Explore the opportunities to contribute to our growth and the evolution of staking.

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