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July 4, 2024

Blockchain News Digest | June 2024

July 4, 2024

Welcome to our blockchain news roundup for the month of June! This past month has been filled with exciting updates, including the unveiling of the new Stakely identity, as well as numerous updates and launches from our favorite blockchains. Without further ado, let's delve into the latest updates and developments in the blockchain world that you will not want to miss.


Weekly partnerships and integrations

Federico Kunze announced that Evmos and evmOS would have at least one partnership and/or integration weekly, exploring new destinations and use cases for the blockchain:

  • Ripple will integrate evmOS in its plans to create XRPL EVM.
  • Axelar joined as an interoperable and secure bridge.
  • Aura Network has partnered with evmOS to add compatibility with Ethereum EVM and Cosmos IBC.
  • ZIGChain, Zignaly's L1, integrated evmOS to facilitate liquidity and expand access to DeFi services for developers and fund managers.

Evmos Regenesis

The debate on Evmos Regenesis has evolved. Initially, the goal was to remove XEN contracts and accounts, but now the focus is on increasing gas costs for future contracts.

Evmos in ICS

Evmos explores connecting with other chains through IBC and integrating with Cosmos Hub to utilize Interchain Security and update its codebase to the latest Cosmos SDK.


Advanced AI infrastructure

Google Cloud and Fantom have partnered to leverage Google Cloud's advanced AI infrastructure in developing next-generation dApps. This collaboration will allow the scaling and securing of Fantom's Opera network, with plans to migrate to the new Sonic network.

Clear path for Sonic

The Sonic Council has granted $100,000 FTM to further fuel Fantom/Sonic and confirmed the development of the first initiative. Additionally, Fantom's announcement channel on Telegram has already changed its name to Sonic!

Regarding the future of the new S token, Sonic's governance proposal #3 revealed the new tokenomics, with an allocation of up to 200M FTM from the Fantom Foundation over six years and minting within six months post-Sonic launch.


JAM approved

The approved governance proposal for the development of Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) initiated the JAM Implementers program, incentivizing developments that strengthen the ecosystem with 10 million DOT in rewards.

Snowbridge connects Polkadot to Ethereum

Snowbridge is live, enabling exchanges between Polkadot and Ethereum with its light client mechanism, reducing the reliance on centralized bridges.

Partnership with Heroic

Heroic, a leader in eSports competitions, signed a sponsorship deal with Polkadot to feature its brand on Heroic's jerseys and live broadcasts.


Grant to Ovation Network

Ovation Network will receive a grant from Archway to develop commercial operations and innovative products within the ecosystem, inviting artists and developers to participate.

Boost for Ambur Marketplace

SubQuery has partnered with Archway, providing access to its data indexer to enhance the user experience in the Ambur NFT marketplace.


Quasar has launched the new DeFi standard: Layered Staked Assets (LSA), composed of qrsASSETS. These unify staking and DeFi yields into a single, efficient asset, utilizing various chains, LST, and LRT. LSAs offer simplified and sustainable yields with one token, eliminating the need to juggle multiple assets or strategies.


AIP-73 Standard

Approved proposal #86 outlines the applicability of Dispatchable AIP-73 tokens, allowing customized logic for fungible token withdrawals and deposits. This standard will enable developers to inject custom logic, facilitating use cases like deflationary tokens, allow lists, and loyalty tokens.

Aptos at the rhythm of K-Pop

Yang Hong Won, the superstar of the moment, rocked the W Summer Party on June 20 in Seoul. Aptos was there, minting tickets exclusively on its network and selling out pre-sale tickets within hours.


Fault Proofs in Optimism

The Fault Proof system in the OP protocol has advanced to a permissioned stage with the implementation of fault proofs. An upcoming audit aims to achieve decentralization.

New Stakely partnerships on Ethereum

Stakely is one of 45 CYBER MACH AVS operators on Eigenlayer. You can now delegate EIGEN with us to support Cyber MACH. We have also partnered with Euclid Finance as an operator to enhance blockchain security and strengthen tiered delegation frameworks.


Orderbook for limit orders

Orderbooks as new pools for limit orders, with precise execution, are imminent. This feature will improve platform liquidity and trading efficiency.

Nomic and BTC Fees

Nomic Bridge will waive BTC bridge fees when they end in Osmosis, in exchange for sharing the Taker Fee commissions generated by trading nBTC or its derivatives with Nomic, encouraging nBTC adoption.

Alloyed USDT and Top-of-Block auctions

Osmosis has launched Top-of-Block, an innovative auction mechanism alongside Block SDK for more efficient and customizable transaction processing.

Cross-Chain NFT Staking

Enterprise DAO has enabled cross-chain NFT staking on Osmosis, simplifying DAO management with native tokens across the Cosmos ecosystem.

Happy third anniversary, Osmosis!

Osmosis celebrated its third anniversary, highlighting over 43K code commits, $34,000M in total trading volume, and $15,000M in total IBC transaction volume.


Multichain ID in Sui

SuiLink allows users to link their IDs on Sui, Ethereum, and Solana to confirm account ownership and unlock potential activity rewards using soulbound NFTs.

Limit orders and CLOB on Cetus

Cetus launched Cetus Limit Order with advanced visualization tools and security audited by OtterSec and MoveBit.


Hackathon Infinity Space Bazaar

Celestia's first global online hackathon saw over 70 submissions, 1400 participants, and 38 winners in various categories. The projects reflect the technology's potential to impact areas such as NFTs, blockchain games, and user experience.

Everclear, the first Clearing Layer

Formerly known as Connext, Everclear is a clearing layer that facilitates fast and efficient transactions between different blockchains, utilizing Celestia's DA.

DeFund: Sovereign Rollup

DeFund is a sovereign rollup developed with Celestia's Rollkit, aimed at liquidity between virtual machines and maximum leverage.

Blobstream on Ethereum

Blobstream, available on Ethereum mainnet, uses ZKP to interact with Celestia's DA verifiably.


Deflationary Programmable Economy

Injective introduced its deflationary programmable economy model for the INJ token, featuring a dynamic supply mechanism and a Burn Auction system.


SpiceNet aims to be 50 times faster than Solana, a high-performance sovereign rollup for on-chain trading based on Celestia.

Collaboration with Tria

The collaboration between Tria and Injective offers greater control over payments and assets through complete gas abstraction and cross-chain liquidity unification.


Arrival of Partial Set Security

With the Gaia v17 update, ICS 2.0 activates Partial Set Security (PSS), significantly enhancing the security and management of consumer chains in Cosmos Hub.

Proposal duration reduced to one week

Approved proposal #926 reduces proposal duration to one week.

Authorized CosmWasm

Authorized CosmWasm will arrive in Gaia v18 to subject proposed contracts to governance, ensuring greater security and quality control.

New version of IBC

IBC Protocol is developing version ICS20, which will bring multi-denom/token transfers and multi-hop transfers across multiple chains in a single operation.

And that's our June news roundup! Our favorite networks and protocols keep bringing new innovations, and we are thrilled to share their advancements with you. Thanks for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you in our next monthly roundup. See you this July at EthCC in Brussels!

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