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June 4, 2024

Blockchain News Digest | May 2024 Update

June 4, 2024

Welcome to our May blockchain news recap! This month has been incredibly productive, filled with developments, events, and surprises. From anniversary celebrations to significant advancements across multiple blockchains, there's plenty to highlight. Let’s dive into the most exciting updates for the networks we validate.


Vitalik proposes EIP-7702

Vitalik Buterin has proposed EIP-7702, aimed at refining account abstraction on Ethereum. This EIP will enable smart contracts to function as accounts when needed, improving transaction interoperability and efficiency, and advancing the development of more sophisticated dApps.

ETH ETFs in the U.S.

The U.S. SEC has accepted Form 19b-4, moving closer to the possibility of launching ETFs for regulated trading of ETH. The next step is the approval of Form S-1, expected in the coming months.

MetaMask's Smart Transactions

MetaMask has launched Smart Transactions, a tool that simulates transactions in a “virtual mempool” to find lower fees and avoid MEV. This feature allows users to choose the optimal amount and timing for their transactions.

EigenLayer’s growing list of AVS

EigenLayer has added four new AVS: Omni, OpenLayer, Automata, and DODOchain. Stakely is committed to scalability and innovation on Ethereum, participating as a validator in these and other projects. Delegate EIGEN with Stakely!

Gas-free on Rabby

Rabby Wallet has introduced "Gas Free" across 24 blockchains, eliminating additional gas fees for users and enhancing accessibility to multiple networks.


Happy Genesis Day, Polkadot!

Polkadot celebrated its fourth anniversary, highlighting over 820 million DOT delegated, 50 active parachains, and other significant achievements.

Elastic scaling and asynchronous backing

Polkadot has introduced elastic scaling and asynchronous backing to optimize scalability and performance without compromising security.

Peak selected by Mastercard

Mastercard has selected Peak Network as a participant in Start Path, a cooperation focused on traditional finance and fintech.


ISLE accelerates ICS 2.0 adoption

Cosmos initiated the Interchain Security Lightning Experiment (ISLE) to accelerate ICS 2.0 testing, enhancing the ecosystem's scalability and efficiency.

Cosmos IBC expands

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) of Cosmos has achieved integrations with Solana, Ethereum, Polkadot, and other major networks.

Venture Grant brings Elys to Cosmos

Elys Network has become the first recipient of the Cosmos Hub Venture Grant, receiving ELYS tokens and making ATOM the default fee token.


Hunt-a-Thon with 100K in prizes

The "Archway Hunt-A-Thon" is incentivizing developers to create innovative smart contracts, with 100K in prizes until June 13.

New developer tools

Archway has launched x/callback, x/cwfees, x/cwica, and x/cwerrors, enhancing smart contract development on its network.

Galaxy Exchange and token swaps

Galaxy Exchange has announced effortless token swaps across multiple blockchains, facilitating interoperability.


BTC in Cosmos with Alloyed Bitcoin

Osmosis is developing "Alloyed Bitcoin" to enable Cosmos users to efficiently use Bitcoin.

Osmosis v25

The v25 upgrade has introduced multiple improvements, including the burning of 1.2M OSMO and new automation and fee functionalities.


Sonic Network is getting closer

Sonic Network, a new layer-1 blockchain in the Fantom ecosystem, will significantly enhance performance. FTM holders will be able to migrate their tokens at a 1:1 ratio upon the launch of S, pending community governance approval.

Cronje mentoring in Sonic Program

Innovative projects like Lynx Protocol and ThunderDome won Sonic Labs by the Fantom Foundation and will receive direct mentorship from Andre Cronje, among other experts.


Sui's consensus is the fastest

Sui has set a new standard for transaction speed in blockchain, achieving consensus latency of 390ms with Mysticeti.

Karrier building blockchain telecommunications

Karrier aims to provide the world's first decentralized telecommunications network using Sui infrastructure.

FanTV empowering content creators on Sui

FanTV, with over 20,000 creators and millions of users, is empowering its content creators with blockchain ownership of their content and identity.


Arbitrum Orbit integrates with Injective

Injective and Arbitrum Orbit are creating an interoperable rollup between Cosmos and Ethereum, facilitating ultra-fast transactions.

USDi to propel DeFi

Injera Protocol is developing the synthetic USD token (USDi) to attract capital to Injective's DeFi sector.

Over 64,000 INJ burned

Injective burned 64,461 INJ in May, reaching a total of 6M INJ burned to date.

Perpetual RWA Gold and Silver on Helix

Helix has introduced perpetual futures for commodities like gold and silver, along with improving functionalities with the v2 update.


Objective: Develop smart contracts

Quasar Finance is seeking developers to build advanced DeFi technology on Cosmwasm.

Incentivized vaults

The QSR/OSMO and milkTIA/TIA Dynamic S+ vaults have new incentives, offering users additional opportunities to earn rewards.


Asterixlabs and Aptos

Aptos has partnered with Asterixlabs to drive a wave of new AI products, GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, SocialFi, and RWA.

Aptos leads in truly instant transactions

Aptos has reached the end-to-end (E2E) latency standard of less than one second, significantly improving user experience.


XEN could be removed, modified, or restricted

Evmos faces significant challenges due to the impact of the XEN project on its network, highlighting the urgent need to address these issues.

evmOS is the new Ethermint and Ripple is its first project

Evmos and Peersys Technology are working on an XRP Ledger sidechain using evmOS technology, Cosmos SDK, IBC, and CometBFT.


Skip Protocol and Rollkit

With Rollkit, anyone can create their own custom blockchain in seconds. Skip Protocol offers tools to optimize performance and security with Rollkit.

That's all for now! Stay connected with Stakely for more updates and don’t hesitate to join the community. See you in the next monthly recap!

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