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June 26, 2024

Introducing Stakely's new brand identity: a new era begins

June 26, 2024

Stakely is launching a new look!

That's right, we've decided to take a step forward by renewing our visual identity and reaffirming our essence, reflecting our evolution and new goals. This change is more than just a new logo and websitem, it's a complete representation of our brand, from our humble beginnings to our promising future.

The new image of Stakely

While we've updated our identity, we still retain the essence of "". Now, we are "Stakely", symbolizing our modernization without forgetting our roots. Our new image is stronger, vibrant, and more modern.

Accompanying our name, you'll find the Universe badge, a symbol meant to reflect security and our constant commitment to both delegators and partners, accompanying them every step of the way.

The origin of Stakely

It all started in 2020, when Stakely was born as a hobby, inspired by a passionate community. With over $500K in total value locked (TVL), just over 100 delegators, and 3 supported networks, we created useful tools for the blockchain community. These early years were filled with constant challenges and learning.

Among our first tools are:

  • Multicoin Faucet: it facilitates the entry of new users by allowing them to acquire small amounts of different cryptocurrencies.
  • Web3 Load Balancer: it optimizes node management and connections for Web3 applications.
  • Staking Dashboard: it provides an intuitive interface to monitor and visualize your global staking position.

These solutions not only strengthened our reputation but also allowed us to build a solid base of loyal and committed delegators.

New vision, new goals

Thanks to an exceptional and versatile team, we have overcome numerous challenges and continued expanding, incorporating renowned new blockchains into our portfolio. Now, we support more than 34 networks, with over $1B TVL and more than 60,000 delegators. This growth has enabled us to develop technical expertise that we now want to share to help more projects grow.

Democratizing blockchain access with our white-label staking services

In this new stage, we offer the possibility for third parties to participate in the blockchain with their own validator. Through our White-Label Staking service, we take care of all maintenance, allowing anyone, regardless of their technical level, to benefit from this technology.

As dedicated infrastructure providers, we offer on-demand RPC nodes

Our experience in managing validators has positioned us as experts in handling full nodes and archive nodes. We've decided to offer this capability to the market, allowing new applications to delegate their infrastructure to a professional and expert team.

Now, we offer this capability to the market, allowing new applications to delegate their infrastructure to a professional and expert team.

Together, we'll keep growing!

Stakely remains the same team with the same values, but now stronger and with a broader vision. With our new goals and a clear mission, we are ready to take staking and blockchain technology to new frontiers, impacting both the Web3 and traditional sectors.

Don't miss our next article, where we'll break down our new tools and features in detail, necessary to help projects grow in the blockchain world!

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Stakely is launching a new look!
The new image of Stakely
The origin of Stakely
New vision, new goals
Together, we'll keep growing!

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