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August 13, 2021

Stakely becomes one of the 16 KILT Protocol collators

August 13, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that today we have officially become one of the 16 Collators of the KILT Protocol, a very important milestone for Stakely if we take into consideration the overwhelming number of players engaged in operating nodes within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Being among the 16 Collators confirms the quality of our work, convincing us that we are on the right path to make the blockchains on which we mount nodes more robust, secure and decentralized each day.

One of the main objectives of KILT Protocol is to connect to Kusama Relay Chain and Polkadot Relay Chain, to fulfill the role of Parachain in each of them.

Once your blockchain is functioning as a Parachain it will be able to communicate with the other connected Parachains (exchange data and tokens), marking a new paradigm in the development of blockchain technology.

Stakely as Collator of KILT Protocol

Stakely will be one of the 16 Collators that will participate in the launch of the KILT Protocol mainnet, thus fulfilling the role of validator; meaning that our node will help retain all the necessary information to be able to create new blocks and execute transactions on its blockchain in the same way as miners do on current PoW blockchains.

Being part of the Collators of KILT Protocol is undoubtedly a great step in our effort to consolidate as important node operators in the blockchain ecosystem, for us, it is a real pleasure to support you, from now on, you will have all our professionalism and tools to make your network more robust, and thus you can properly fulfill your role as Parachain in both Kusama and Polkadot.

At Stakely, we continue to advance in the task of supporting the different networks in which we configure validator nodes in order to make them stronger and more secure.

About KILT Protocol

KILT provides a base layer for verifiable credentials in the Web 3.0 world. Using the benefits of blockchain, it brings real-world credentialing into the digital world, creating a way for businesses to verify credentials and take trust to a whole new level.

Its system will allow individuals, companies and governments to rely on a common standard, which belongs to all participants and not to a single company.

Find out how to create a KILT wallet and start enjoying KILT's benefits.

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Stakely as Collator of KILT Protocol
About KILT Protocol
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