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November 26, 2023

StakeWise V3: Revolutionizing your Ethereum staking strategy

November 26, 2023

With the launch of StakeWise V3 mainnet, we enter a new era of staking in Ethereum. This release, crucial for the development of StakeWise and the decentralization of the Ethereum liquid staking landscape, introduces innovations that will fundamentally change how we interact with Ethereum.

What is StakeWise?

StakeWise V3 is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that offers a simple and secure way to stake ETH, allowing users to earn rewards and participate in DeFi using osETH, an overcollateralized and slashing-protected liquid staking token. This protocol is particularly attractive to those seeking a secure and straightforward staking solution, whether as individual stakers, solo stakers, or larger entities such as institutions or DAOs.

Key Features of StakeWise V3: Discover the Vaults

A key component of StakeWise V3 are the Vaults, which are isolated and non-custodial staking pools connected to Ethereum nodes, allowing staking under specific terms:

  • Each Vault has its own staking commission set by the Vault administrator, which applies to the earned rewards and can vary from 0% to 100%. This fee is automatically deducted from the rewards, so users receive the net rewards after this fee.

  • Vaults allow different configurations, including the ability to be public or private, setting a limit on the total amount of ETH that can be deposited, and deciding whether or not to have an ERC-20 token to represent the staked ETH by users. Additionally, Vaults can be configured as a Smoothing Pool or an Own Escrow to collect block rewards, thus influencing the stability of the Vault's APY. With the Smoothing Pool option, block rewards are distributed proportionally among all participants, ensuring stability in the Vault's APY; while a pool configured with Own Escrow preserves the randomness of block creation, affecting the APY's volatility.

  • Furthermore, when staking in StakeWise, you can mint the osETH token. This is an overcollateralized token representing the ETH staked in Vaults and accumulates ETH rewards generated from its validators. It allows users to use their stake in DeFi applications and offers greater security against slashing events, representing a less risky alternative to existing models. The osETH token opens up a range of opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. Users can engage with platforms like Curve, Balancer, Uniswap, and explore upcoming integrations.

  • Regarding the management and governance of the Vaults, each is an independent staking pool whose smart contracts cannot be unilaterally changed by the StakeWise DAO. Vault administrators are responsible for deploying Vaults and establishing key parameters such as the type of Vault and the commission. They also have the capacity to assign Access Manager and Key Manager roles to other wallets.

  • Finally, StakeWise V3 introduces a service for operators, the StakeWise Operator Service, which runs alongside any node configuration, allowing operators to run their preferred execution/consensus clients, MEV relays, distributed validator technology, etc.

As you can see, StakeWise allows stakers to choose the best staking solution according to their needs among the different Vaults opened in its Vault Marketplace, including regulated entities looking for a compatible form of liquid staking.

Stake ETH with Stakely
Stake ETH with Stakely

Participate in Ethereum staking with Stakely's Vault in StakeWise V3

The Stakely Vault in StakeWise V3 offers a unique opportunity for those interested in Ethereum staking:

  • Shared MEV Rewards: Our Vault is a Smoothing Pool type, allowing delegators to benefit from MEV rewards distributed among the pool participants, offering additional gains beyond standard staking rewards.

  • Competitive APY: We offer an attractive and stable APY, currently at 3.37%, allowing delegators to maximize their returns.

  • 5% Commission: We maintain a fixed 5% staking commission, ensuring a clear and fair cost structure.

How to stake ETH in Stakely's Vault

Staking ETH in our Vault is a simple process:

  1. Visit the Stakely Vault: head to our Vault in the Vaults Marketplace section of the StakeWise platform.

  2. Connect your Ethereum-compatible wallet: Connect a compatible Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, to interact with the Vault.

  3. Stake your ETH: Choose the amount of ETH you wish to stake and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

  4. Mint osETH if desired: If you're interested in participating in DeFi with your staking, you can mint osETH, an overcollateralized liquid staking token against your staked ETH.

  5. Manage and monitor your rewards: Once you have staked your ETH, you can track your rewards and returns directly from the StakeWise platform.

For a detailed guide on how to stake ETH in our Vault, feel free to check out our comprehensive YouTube tutorial.

As you can see, the launch of StakeWise V3 represents a significant advancement in Ethereum staking, offering more control, security, and flexibility for both node operators and stakers. Discover the future of Ethereum staking with StakeWise V3!

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What is StakeWise?
Key Features of StakeWise V3: Discover the Vaults
Participate in Ethereum staking with Stakely's Vault in StakeWise V3
How to stake ETH in Stakely's Vault

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