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November 24, 2023

Stakely partners with P2P to launch a DVT staking solution for institutions

November 24, 2023

Stakely has partnered with to put our expertise as node operators at the service of their new DVT Staking API! This initiative, carried out by P2P alongside other professional validators like Stakely, Allnodes, and HTX, represents a step forward in our journey within institutional staking. The aim is to provide the perfect tool for custodians, wallets, and exchanges seeking to integrate a simple and secure staking solution thanks to the SSV Network's DVT.

DVT Technology (Distributed Validator Technology) is revolutionizing staking in Ethereum, now extending its influence into the institutional landscape. Its ability to reduce risks such as slashing and single points of failure makes it one of the safest options in terms of staking. At Stakely, thanks to our experience with leading DVT projects like SSV Network and Obol Network, we know how to maximize this technology and address the challenges of institutional staking with a safe and practical perspective.

What is the DVT Staking API?

The DVT Staking API developed by is a milestone in the integration and simplification of staking processes for institutions. It is a tool designed to facilitate the integration of systems for custodians, wallets, and exchanges, representing an evolution in how institutions can interact with staking. This API enables institutions to access staking services more efficiently, thus saving both time and resources.

At Stakely, we see this alliance with as a unique opportunity to enhance our service and reinforce our commitment to institutional staking alongside key players in the ecosystem!

Benefits of the DVT Staking API

We encourage you to discover firsthand the advantages of using this API, which combines the benefits of staking with the advancements of DVT technology:

  • Secure: Minimizes risks in your staking operations with DVT.
  • Easy Integration: Incorporates staking services into your operations easily and directly.
  • Cost-Effective: Optimizes your resources by eliminating complicated processes.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of P2P's DVT Staking API? Contact us or follow P2P for more information!

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What is the DVT Staking API?
Benefits of the DVT Staking API

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