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October 6, 2022

Stakely's Monthly Review | September 2022 Edition

October 6, 2022

We are back with our monthly review. In September, world markets, including the crypto market, continue to be uncertain; however, work will continue and the big projects of the ecosystem will continue to move forward, let's see what Stakely brings us.

What's new at Stakely?

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Updates on our projects

Ethereum (ETH)

The Merge is here! Finally, the Ethereum Merge took place on September 15. The long-awaited merger marks a historic milestone in the network of the most important altcoin in the crypto ecosystem. Mining is a thing of the past now transactions on Ethereum are validated through the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol, but the big upgrade is not over yet! The next phases after the Merge are still to be completed, among which is the update that will allow mining ETH funds in staking that have so far remained blocked. we will keep you posted!

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom Domains now supports NFT marketplaces such as Paint Swap. With this update, users can send NFTs through their domain names, something that undoubtedly simplifies the way transactions are done.

On the other hand, the Fantom team continues to work tirelessly, and has added an off-chain test framework and conducted experiments on PebbleDB as an alternative to LevelDB.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot introduces Unbounded, the world's first open source, freely available, on-chain funded source.

On the other hand, it launches the first virtual hackathon focused on LATAM, which was established for a duration of 6 weeks, and where the winners could access a prize valued at more than 140,000 dollars.

Avalanche (AVAX)

This month, Securitize announced that it has launched a fund tokenizing their interest in KKR_Co's Healthcare Strategic Growth Fund II on Avalanche's blockchain. By bringing real-world assets to the blockchain, this institution marks an important inflection point, as it can thus manage itself more easily and ensure the transparency of all transactions it conducts, thanks to decentralization.

September is also a month of updates for the Avalanche network, which is why it has presented its most recent update: Banff, which will run on top of AvalancheGo and give developers more options by introducing Elastic Validation. Banff unlocks the ability for subnet creators to trigger PoS validation and its rewards, based on uptime, using their own subnet token.

Cosmos Network (ATOM)

September was very important for Cosmos. It launched the Interchain Security roadmap, which is a fundamental building block for the development of ATOM 2.0. The implementation of Interchain Security will allow Cosmos to share its security with Consumer Chains with all blockchains that connect to its Hub.

On the other hand, from September 26 to 28, Cosmoverse was held in the city of Medellin, Colombia, where personalities from the Cosmos ecosystem such as Ethan Buchman and Zaki Manian discussed ATOM 2.0 in depth.

Finally, the ATOM 2.0 Whitepaper was released, explaining in detail the new organizational and economic structure of Cosmos.

Crypto (CRO)

Cronos Network,'s blockchain ecosystem, is no longer in beta, as evidenced by its more than 50 million successfully completed transactions, more than 300 dApps, and the arrival of nearly one million users. This month they have presented an update of their roadmap where they highlight new milestones to be met, such as offering a scalable technology with the goal of incorporating a billion users into the network, or fostering a sustainable ecosystem of DeFi, NFT and Web3 games.

Celo (CELO)

Celo is launching a Hackathon called Build With Celo, focused on Regenerative Finance (ReFi), DAO, NFT, Gaming (GameFi), Social Impact (SocialFi) and developer tools/infrastructure on the Celo platform.

In addition, Celo organized the Celo Connect Salon in New York City, which was a co-working and community-based space to connect with like-minded people to discuss social impact and ReFi during New York Climate Week and Messari Mainnet.

Also this month Prosegur Crypto began offering institutional custody, staking and additional services over the Celo protocol. Likewise, the Brave web browser, has integrated Celo into Brave Wallet, which gives users access to on- and off-ramps for their stable Mento assets through Brave's built-in DEX aggregator.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

This month Coinbase added support for NEAR Protocol (NEAR). Separately, the NEAR Foundation launched a new campaign with Coinbase designed to educate people about the usefulness of the NEAR token.

Likewise, NEARCON 2022 was held in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. This event was focused on showing the crypto community and Web3 developers the infrastructure and tools they can use to build on top of the NEAR blockchain.

It is also important to mention that NEAR has partnered with Circle Pay to bring $USDC to the NEAR community. Now the world's fastest growing stablecoin will be available natively on NEAR, great news no doubt.

Juno (JUNO)

Juno Network users can now pay their fees in ATOM, thanks to an integration made by Keplr Wallet.

Covalent (CQT)

Covalent made a presence at South Korea's largest blockchain convention, IRL, where Ganesh Swami gave a talk on the data economy driven by data analytics. Also this month Covalent gave a response on the hack that Nomad suffered.

Agoric (BLD)

In September five new dApps join the Agoric ecosystem: LH2 Staking, QuickWork, Calypso, KREAd, and Crabble, these integrations will expand its library of hardened JavaScript smart contracts and bring key DeFi use cases to its mainnet-2.

Evmos (EVMOS)

Starting this month, CypherD Wallet supports Evmos; with this integration users will be able to bridge and staking from their app.

Evmos will also be available on Blast, a public or dedicated API provider that will facilitate the building of the Evmos ecosystem.

Sifchain (ROWAN)

From September you will find Sifchain on Dex Screener, from where you can monitor live charts of ROWAN and its different peers.

Likewise, the Citadel One app has integrated Sifchain's DEX, which will now be available in both its desktop and mobile applications, where users will be able to perform ROWAN exchanges, staking and more.


The IRIS Network team has announced $rIRIS, an rToken deployed on StaFi Hub that will function as a liquid staking solution for the $IRIS token.

Users who staked $IRIS to obtain $rIRIS were able to enjoy a 9.21% APY, participate in the MintDrop campaign, and benefit from the rewards of the $IRIS/$rIRIS pool activated in the StaFi hub rDEX.

Regen Network (REGEN)

Regen's governance proposal 15 has been released and approved. A positive vote on this proposal will allow $USDC via Gravity Bridge to be added to the Regen Ecocredit Marketplace permitted list, adding it as one of the many currency options in which buyers/sellers will be able to transact.

On the other hand, the Regen Network team led by Gregory Landua and Sam Bennetts made an incredible presentation at Cosmoverse in Colombia, where they showed a demo of the Regen Network marketplace.

Desmos (DSM)

The Desmos Network team launches a post on their Medium where they explain how the Desmos Core modules work.

A successful upgrade of its testnet was also performed. This new version brings some improvements to the permissions system and CosmWASM support, and is set to be the last one before the mainnet upgrade.

Concordium (CCD)

Concordium offers a new form of delegation where a delegator's stake is passively distributed among all baker pools.

Another news highlight is that PROxID is building an NFT platform at Concordium. Collectible banknotes and postage stamps will be converted into NFTs that will act as collateral for ownership, and can be traded globally.

Concordium Name Service (CNS), the domain name service of the Concordium network, has also been launched.

Finally Concordium founder Lars Seier Christensen has announced an additional investment of ten million euros to expand the Concordium ecosystem. The funds will be used to finance projects looking to build or integrate their dApps into the Concordium chain. Good news and a good incentive for developers to start building their decentralized apps on the Concordium blockchain.

Injective (INJ)

In early September, Injective's network was stopped at block 14731000 to upgrade its mainnet from 10006-rc1 to 10007.

Moreover, users can now connect their Leap Cosmos wallet to Injective's leading dApps, such as Helix App.

It also reached 100 million successful transactions, demonstrating impeccable growth and development since its release. Finally, Project X won the award for the most promising Cosmos project at the Cosmoverse held in Colombia. Congratulations!

Persistence (XPRT)

Persistence partners with Axelar Network for the purpose of:

  • Implement cross-chain messaging between Persistence and EVM networks.
  • Deploy ERC-20 stablecoins.

As you all know, Stakely is a validator in Persistence, and this month we have enabled restake. You can now delegate to Stakely and autocompound your rewards derived from $XPRT staking through

Finally, Binance integrates the pStake Finance ecosystem in order to offer liquid staking to the BNB blockchain.

So much for our monthly summary for the month of September! Follow us on our social networks so you don't miss updates on your favorite networks.

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