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September 8, 2022

Stakely Monthly Review | August Edition 2022

September 8, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to Stakely's monthly review! This summer is coming to an end, and with it, the heat waves, but winter is still to come! Let's see if news like the ETH Merge will keep the atmosphere warm in the crypto world as well.

What's new at Stakely?

We keep expanding our staking family and have now reached a total of 25,200 users! More and more holders are trusting Stakely as their validator. Thank you!

We must also thank the almost 15K followers on Twitter - you encourage us to keep creating content and sharing news concerning the networks we validate for, so that you do not miss a single announcement. Remember! We post a weekly report on Twitter that analyzes the staking status of most of the blockchains we support.

In our Youtube channel you can find new videos with easy tutorials. This week, you'll find two new tutorials: How to use MetaMask and How to stake Persistence $XPRT with Keplr.

Moreover, we added a new network to our portfolio: Tgrade. You have all the necessary information about the project on our website. In addition, you can now stake Solana and Evmos through Trust Wallet.

This month, we discussed about hot topic in the Cosmos ecosystem in our blog: What is Interchain Security in Cosmos and how does it work? Learning about Interchain Security is a must to understand how will future consumer blockchains emerge in the ecosystem.

And remember, you can ask us any question in our Telegram channels Stakely Chat and Stakely Spanish Chat. In addition, you can follow the latest news in the Telegram Announcements Channel, our Twitter, and our Youtube Channel.

Latest news on our supported projects


The Merge is imminent with Ethereum, and we look forward to it! Preparations and communications have continued throughout August so that everything goes as planned. As expected, the Beacon Chain has been activated with the Bellatrix upgrade on September 6, which will be followed by the Merge between September 10 and 20.


Dedaub, a leading smart contract security company, has partnered with Fantom to implement a number of security tools. Regarding governance, a new proposal has been submitted on adjusting staking rewards for validators.

The team has announced that Gitcoin will be coming to Fantom in October, as well as a new investor, GDA Capital. There have also been deployed several expected updates, such as the V2 that Beethoven X released on its DEX.


Integritee Network, a network focused on data processing, has won the parachain 23 slot, while KILT Protocol has won the 24 slot and Kylin Network has won the parachain 25 slot. They also announced that for the first time, Acala and Astar Network would combine forces to accelerate Polkadot’s DeFi ecosystem by driving new use cases.


There are many projects launching on Avalanche this month: Lemonade Inc, which is using Avalanche to create a new type of insurance for farmers in developing countries; also Copper and Gamestar+, which will bring the first interactive streaming gaming platform to Avalanche.

Finally, Hubble Exchange launched its perpetual futures exchange on Avalanche, along with another interesting project, RunBlox, a Run-to-Earn game that aims to connect blockchain and healthy living.


The trustless IBC bridge between Cosmos and Harmony Protocol is now available on testnet: Interchain is becoming unstoppable. With the approval of proposal 72, it was decided to allocate community funds from the Cosmos Hub for Interchain Security's smart contracts for liquid staking and DeFi. More specifically, 100,000 ATOM will go to CosmWasm and DeFi smart contract projects, while the remaining 50,000 ATOM will go to Neutron. The Proposition 72 initiative will continue to accept applications for funding until 19 September.

Crypto has improved their interface and added a token manager to their application. In addition, they have partnered with Meta Beat to attract KPop to the network.

In their commitment to regulation, they have achieved EFTA + VASP registration in South Korea and as a VASP of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, as well as being the first global crypto platform to sign an undertaking with the Ontario Securities Commission of Canada and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR has unveiled its long-awaited JavaScript SDK at ETHToronto. NEAR's JS SDK is expected to be a major move Web3 development. The NEAR Foundation is creating a grant fund for projects that create Zero Knowledge solutions to help preserve privacy and comply with regulations. In addition, they are almost all set for the big NEARCON event in Lisbon on September 11-14!


A new membership protocol has been launched on Celo, Unlock Protocol. And O3 Labs, which offers a new cross-chain swaps service has joined the #DeFiforthepeople program, to which Cargo Protocol was also added. Toucan Protocol has also been added as a member to Celo's #ReFiSummer.


This month Juno launched DAO DAO, which is a DAO that creates cross-chain governance tools, as well as Talis, an NFT marketplace. Also Juno launched its new JUNO Liquid Staking solution with StakeEasy, a derivative staking protocol.


They reported an incident at Nomad in early August and recommended not to use the CQT bridge to Moonbean, although investigations are ongoing. In addition, Godwoken, the L2 of Nervos Network, has been integrated.


In order to drive ecosystem growth, Agoric has proposed a governance proposal for enabling IBC and another to create a community fund. Aside from that, the Huobi Global CEX as well as Crescent and Osmosis Frontier DEX have listed the BLD token!

KILT Protocol

KILT Protocol starts in September its migration from Kusama to Polkadot which is expected to be completed in mid-October. Congratulations to the KILT Protocol team for reaching the 2,000,000th block!


Sifchain keeps building and doing its best... A first update included the formation of a DAO onboarding group, however, the biggest news of the last two weeks has been the release of the demo product for Margin Trading v1.0: The Long Game!

A second major updated included a hard-coded parameter change to block delegations to validators with more than 6.6% voting power, as well as modifying the minimum commission rate to 5%.

In addition, a proposal passed to decrease staking inflation and additional proposals have been put forward. The proposal to elect Don Luv to the token listing counsil is now in the discussion period.

The Peggy Bridge team continues to analyze all code fixes in the 4 audits, while the Sifnode team successfully implemented a software upgrade to v0.45, which enabled AuthZ.

Breaking news: ROWAN restake is now available! Log in to and delegate with us by enabling the AuthZ module to enable autocompounding of your ROWAN staking. If you are already delegating ROWAN, you can redelegate it to Stakely or simply enable it through the app.


They have announced the winners of the liquidity contribution event for the newly activated IOV/IRIS pools in Coinswap and OBScan-IBC cross-chain explorer v0.5 has been released -the new version supports a total of 45 IBC chains.

Proposal 16 to request liquidity support for rIRIS at StaFiHub and proposal 17 to request community funding spend for the upcoming NFT Collection Launchpad event have passed.

In terms of technical updates, IRIS Hub has been working on documentation for the Cosmos-SDK v0.46.1 update and the preparation of the upcoming mainnet v1.4 update.

Irisnet also supported the StaFiHub launch on the core network, which supports IBC and ICA functions. As promised in IRISnet's proposal 14, the Uptick team will gradually integrate more IBC tokens into its NFT Marketplace on IRISnet.


The beta version of the StaFiHub mainnet was successfully launched! The Liquid Staking Dapps based on StaFiHub are also being launched step by step and the migration of rATOM V2 and rATOM V1 and the rATOM MintDrop campaign are available on mainnet.

Regen Network

Regen's product team is building a distributed data layer and has created the first version of an application for land managers, while the science team is working on a pilot project in Asia for protocol development aimed at verification of afforestation in the Amazon basin.


Proposal 40 passed on 3rd August, and we voted yes for the update of Desmos to v4.3.0. This proposal aimed to fix minor bugs within several modules.


The Concordium team has been working hard this month, with new versions of several applications being released: a new version 4.2.3 of the Concordium Node for Testnet and Mainnet, as well as the Docker version. A new version of Concordium Desktop Wallet, v1.5.0 is also available, which now supports Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallets, as well as being compatible with Ledger Nano S. The Concordium Client has been updated to v4.0.4 and the Cargo Concordium to 2.0.2.

They have also launched a grant of up to $100K to build on the network!


Injective announced over 90 million transactions processed on-chain, becoming one of the most active IBC zones in the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition, they launched the private version of INJ (sINJ) as part of their privacy-focused collaboration with Secret Network. In addition, the IBC bridge was launched between Secret and Injective, thanks to which users will now be able to use their SCRT tokens in dApps or exanges on any of both chains.


One of the most important news is undoubtedly that Persistence has become part of Stakely's portfolio! The chain proposal for the v3 upgrade was submitted on the Persistence Core-1 mainnet chain.

And finally, our month review came to its end... Don't miss the next one that will surely bring us great news!

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