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April 12, 2024

Introducing Brevis coChain, a new AVS supported by Stakely

April 12, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of Brevis coChain, an innovative AVS on the recently inaugurated EigenLayer mainnet. Operators' introduction into EigenLayer allows entities like Stakely to register and actively participate in the validation process of these AVSs, enhancing the protocol's resilience and expanding its capabilities.

Brevis coChain: Redefining Smart Contract Coprocessing

As a launch partner and one of the validators registered on Brevis coChain, Stakely is proud to bring our expertise to this new AVS. Brevis coChain employs a specialized architecture where coprocessing requests from smart contracts are optimistically executed to generate results. These results are then proposed on the blockchain, open to challenges via Zero-Knowledge proofs.

This model not only reduces the computational overhead significantly but also introduces novel functionalities like proof of non-existence, which were previously challenging to achieve. By integrating with EigenLayer, Brevis coChain enables developers to dynamically adjust the level of crypto-economic security, offering a flexible and robust framework for various applications.

Join us and restake with Stakely!

As Brevis coChain continues to evolve, Stakely will remain at the forefront, supporting its growth and helping shape the future of Brevis with our expertise and dedication.

For more information about Brevis coChain, please visit Brevis’ website. We encourage you to be part of this restaking wave by delegating with Stakely through EigenLayer!

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María López


Brevis coChain: Redefining Smart Contract Coprocessing
Join us and restake with Stakely!

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