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April 12, 2024

Stakely supports AltLayer and Xterio MACH AVS on EigenLayer

April 12, 2024

We are excited to announce that Stakely is supporting as a EigenLayer operator the recent launch of AltLayer MACH AVS for the Optimism mainnet and Xterio MACH AVS for Xterio's OP Stack rollup mainnet. These services are among the first AVS to go live on the EigenLayer!

What is AltLayer?

At its core, AltLayer facilitates the creation of Restaked rollups, a new concept that enhances existing rollup technology with superior security, decentralization, interoperability, and fast finality. Restaked rollups are specifically designed to support application-specific needs, enabling developers and even non-developers to launch customized rollup solutions effortlessly.

AltLayer's protocol is built on three main services, each provided by a distinct type of Actively Validated Service (AVS):

  • VITAL: An AVS for decentralized verification of a rollup’s state.
  • MACH: An AVS designed for achieving fast finality.
  • SQUAD: An AVS that facilitates decentralized sequencing.

These services ensure that rollups not only operate more efficiently but also maintain the highest standards of integrity and functionality.

Restaked Rollups
Restaked Rollups

Source: AltLayer's Documentation


AltLayer MACH AVS is designed to serve the Optimism mainnet, providing fast finality for rollup transactions. This innovative service enhances crypto-economic security and enables decentralized validation of rollup states. By offering pre-confirmations with economic backing via restaking, AltLayer MACH fundamentally improves transaction finality times compared to traditional Ethereum processes, thus delivering a more efficient and secure user experience.


Similarly, Xterio MACH AVS is tailored specifically for Xterio’s gaming-focused OP Stack rollup mainnet. It acts as a fast finality layer for the Xterio chain, validating rollup blocks produced by this specialized chain. Xterio chain, supported by a robust community of over two million users and numerous gaming partners, focuses on integrating Web3 and AI technologies to elevate the gaming experience on the blockchain.

Choose Stakely to secure AltLayer's AVS!

We invite our community to join this restaking experience by delegating with Stakely, where your stake supports not only the security but also the advancement of the diverse EigenLayer ecosystem.

If you are wondering how you can participate, you can delegate to Stakely to support both AltLayer's AVS!

Stakely EigenLayer operator
Stakely EigenLayer operator

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What is AltLayer?
Choose Stakely to secure AltLayer's AVS!

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