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Unlock new financial possibilities with Osmosis staking. Osmosis, an advanced automated market-making protocol, empowers developers with deep customizability for their AMMs. By staking OSMO tokens, you participate in a governance mechanism that helps direct and govern liquidity pools. Stake OSMO today to start earning staking rewards!
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Total value staked
$ 546,857.10
Unbonding period
14 days
Validator address

OSMO Rewards Calculator

Maximize your staking rewards with our easy-to-use Osmosis staking calculator and comprehensive price chart. Calculate potential earnings and track OSMO prices to make informed staking decisions
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Find out how much you can earn by staking OSMO on Osmosis
Weekly earnings
3.61 OSMO
Monthly earnings
15.65 OSMO
Yearly earnings
187.80 OSMO
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Staking over $50,000?

Explore your options, from a custom plan with special discounts to your own white-label validator. Contact us for more information!

How to stake Osmosis?

Our Osmosis staking tutorials provide comprehensive guidelines on how to stake OSMO. Are you ready to join our staking community?

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