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October 5, 2023

Stakely's Monthly News Digest | September 2023 Edition

October 5, 2023

September has arrived with some exciting news across your favorite projects. Let's walk through the updates that will help you make informed decisions according to your investment style. Let's dive in!


If you've staked ETH, there are updates for you. The Staking Directory tool now displays the 30-day APR for each staking provider, in addition to links for 'network share' and 'self-limit pledge' across all providers on the LST panel. This update makes it easier to compare different options and choose the staking provider that offers the most optimal performance.

OnlyFans invests in ETH

OnlyFans, the popular subscription platform with over 150 million users, has allocated around 5% of its capital to ETH since 2022. While the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the traditional business sector is still at its early stage, interest is growing among companies with solid financial track records.

Holesky Testnet Launch

The official launch of the Holesky testnet took place in September, and Stakely is contributing 50,000 validators to this process. Don't get left behind; visit our Holesky Ethereum faucet to get your test tokens!

Why is it important? Holesky will replace Goerli as the primary testnet for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development in Ethereum starting from 2023. This transition represents a significant upgrade to tackle the challenges that Goerli faced in the past.

Yield opportunities with swETH

To maximize your yield, you can provide swETH liquidity on various platforms like Pendle, Balancer, MavProtocol, Bunni, Gyro Finance, and Gyro Stables. However, it's crucial that you conduct your own research to ensure the risks align with the rewards.

Obol Network: Revolutionizing staking in Ethereum

It's official; Stakely will participate in Obol Network's Mainnet Alpha. This network runs Distributed Validation Technology (DVT). It’s a significant advance for the Ethereum community, we invite you to read more about it in our detailed thread!


Speed up your funds in ATOM thanks to the Liquid Staking Module

No more waiting for 21 days to unlock your staked ATOM when you're staking. Thanks to the recent release of the Liquid Staking Module (LSM) on Cosmos' mainnet, protocols like Stride, pSTAKE, and Quicksilver will let you convert your ATOM into their respective tokens (stATOM, psATOM, and qATOM) instantly.

Here's how it works: head to your preferred liquid staking protocol, and if it supports LSM, you can unlock the liquidity of your staked ATOM with just a wallet signature. This feature opens doors to DeFi advantages while keeping your ATOM staked and secure.

Stablecoin adoption in Cosmos

Thanks to a collaboration between Tether and Kava Chain, USDT is now natively available in the Cosmos ecosystem, addressing issues of fragmented liquidity and volatility. Similarly, Noble has facilitated the native implementation of USDC in Cosmos, ensuring its value stays pegged to the US dollar.

Developments and upcoming events

  • The tokenomics update for ATOM promises to further strengthen the native currency of the Cosmos Hub.

  • Stay tuned for our October summary, where we'll summarize what happened during the Cosmoverse, which took place this time in Istanbul and featured significant innovations for the Cosmos community.

  • The Cosmos SDK 2024 roadmap highlights important strides towards modularity and inter-blockchain connectivity, which is vital for attracting more investors to the ecosystem.

Cross-chain connectivity

Toki Finance is working to enable communication between Cosmos and BSC (BNB Smart Chain), while Composable aims to expand Cosmos' Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to Ethereum. This means more interoperability, more options to explore, and potentially higher yields. But remember, DYOR!


Interoperability and new integrations

Injective is known for its openness to integration with other protocols and networks, and that's precisely what Side Protocol brings to the table. This addition allows for atomic asset exchange and cross-chain transactions, expanding the possibilities within Injective even further.

Welcome to Klaytn

The L1 blockchain Klaytn has joined the Injective ecosystem. This allows KLAY and INJ tokens to be transferred and utilized natively on both blockchains, fostering even more interoperability.

Options for everyone: Vaults and NFTs

If vaults are your thing, you might want to check out the Black Panther vault, now integrated with Injective. It currently offers vaults for BTC, ETH, and INJ perps, with yields that could catch your interest.

For NFT enthusiasts, Injective now integrated Apello. This infrastructure offers 100% free and open-source tools for NFTs, allowing artists, creators, and developers to manage and expand their NFT collections on Cosmos.

Powering INJ

Injective is continuously seeking ways to add value to its native token, INJ, both through utility and token burns. Additionally, staking Injective is a fantastic way to contribute to the ecosystem while earning passive income.

inEVM: Ethereum on Injective

The launch of inEVM marks another milestone for Injective. It's the first Ethereum Virtual Machine developed in collaboration with Caldera. While it's still in testnet, the goal is to run Ethereum applications natively within Injective. And the best part is that this isn't far off; mainnet implementation is expected in the last quarter of this year!

The future of Injective looks bright, with more opportunities to explore the DeFi space. Stay tuned by following our social media channels, where we'll continue to share all updates and news.


V17 Update: speed and efficiency

Juno has released its version v17.0.0-alpha.1, also known as "Vesta," which brings along a slew of significant optimizations. One of the most eye-catching is the doubling of block generation speed: it now takes only 3 seconds per block. This opens the door to more responsive applications and projects that require high efficiency.

Vesta primarily focuses on enhancing network operations, optimizing caching solutions, simplifying airdrop distribution, and offering shared fees for DAOs. It also expands package size limits in Bypassed IBC. These improvements could be highly attractive to developers, which, in turn, could benefit Juno holders and users.

Juno makes its leasing debut on Nolus Protocol

Juno has also made its debut in the leasing world through Nolus Protocol. This service offers a specialized form of leverage investment. While leverage can be a powerful tool, it also comes with its own set of risks. If you're considering this option, make sure to conduct your own analysis and carefully assess the risks involved.


Smart Wallet: Mirai SDK

Aptos has taken a significant step in the right direction with the integration of Mirai SDK, a smart wallet developed by Kana Labs. This wallet can interact with both EVM and non-EVM blockchains, marking a major advancement in terms of interoperability and security.

Sushi comes to Aptos

SushiSwap has also announced its expansion to Aptos, marking its first development on a non-EVM blockchain. This partnership brings multiple benefits, such as the ability to trade SushiSwap tokens, access lending products, and even participate in farming yields. It's undoubtedly a significant move for Aptos and its users.


Ojo Network joins Archway

The alliance with Ojo Network, an L1 Oracle chain on Cosmos, is another big news. This partnership will allow contracts on Archway to access Ojo's ultra-fast price feeds. This adds an extra layer of flexibility and speed for Archway developers and users.

Kyve Network and Data Pools

Kyve Network's data pools are now available on Archway's mainnet. This provides easier access to a wide range of data at competitive prices, and it's another addition that benefits both developers and users.

Resonance Security

Lastly, the inclusion of Resonance Security in the ecosystem adds an extra layer of security. This platform offers a dashboard for conducting audits, exploring security products, and staying updated on the latest developments in the blockchain security space.


Quasar is collaborating with Define Logic Labs to collect and analyze both on-chain and off-chain data that will assist them in making decisions regarding their concentrated liquidity vaults. Define Logic Labs is a Web3 data analytics firm that specializes in boosting yields in DeFi. The Quasar roadmap is also something to keep an eye on, as it plans to create an open and transparent data marketplace.


Stargate Finance has built a bridge connecting Fantom to LayerZero, facilitating the transfer of assets between chains and increasing liquidity in the process. This means that Fantom users will now have access to a broader DeFi ecosystem, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.


If you use NEAR Wallet, keep in mind that it will be discontinued, and will become a hub for other wallets starting October 31, 2023. This means that you'll need to migrate your funds to a new wallet!

In this tutorial, we accompany you through the migration process and guide you step-by-step to learn how to transfer your NEAR Wallet funds to a new wallet in a clear and straightforward manner.

Celestia airdrop

Celestia, the first modular blockchain of the Cosmos SDK, has announced an airdrop of its native token, TIA. The airdrop is named Genesis Drop of Celestia and will be available to a wide range of developers and on-chain addresses. The deadline to claim your TIA is October 17, 2023. And if you're wondering which validator to choose for the new chain, Stakely will be one of the validators, so you already have a reliable option to consider.

See you soon!

In times of market uncertainty and volatility, true innovations and leaders emerge. The blockchains we've discussed are doing just that: evolving and adapting, without getting carried away by market noise. They are building robust solutions that will not only survive but thrive in the changing landscape of the cryptographic financial world.

So, mark your calendar for October when we'll be back with more updates, tips, and opportunities in the blockchain space.

See you next month! 🚀

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Celestia airdrop
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