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March 29, 2023

Don't lose sight of your assets with the ultimate Staking Dashboard!

March 29, 2023

Introducing the Staking Dashboard, the ultimate solution for tracking your staked assets.

Please note that this is a beta version, so give us feedback and help us improve!

While diversifying your portfolio across different networks may seem like an excellent strategy, managing multiple wallets and keeping track of staking rewards across all blockchains can also be a major headache. This is where the Staking Dashboard comes in: a single platform from which you can monitor all your assets and staking rewards.

With an easy-to-use interface and active monitoring, the Staking Dashboard is the perfect tool for anyone looking to manage their funds from a single point of control.

Features and benefits of the Staking Dashboard

The Staking Dashboard is a useful tool with an intuitive interface that allows you to track your funds practically in real time, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced investors. Here are some of the most important features and benefits of the Staking Dashboard:

  • Tracking Multiple Wallets: with this tool, you can control countless wallets on different networks, which will make it easier for you to realistically track your portfolio and view everything from a single place. From your account, you can remove or add more wallets whenever you want.

  • Multichain support: the Staking Dashboard supports multiple networks, including Solana, Terra, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Osmosis, and many more! With this feature, you can monitor your staking rewards and portfolios across a wide range of networks, making it easier to manage your assets in one place.

  • Active monitoring: the Staking Dashboard allows you to actively monitor staked tokens and staking rewards thanks to its frequent data updates, which will help you make decisions to maximize your returns.

  • Customized visualization: you can choose how and what data to visualize. Thanks to the level of customization, you can decide if you prefer to see the growth rate of your rewards in an accumulated graph, or visualize the total distribution of your portfolio among the different networks we support. You can even hide those networks that are not of interest to you for greater clarity!

  • Easy-to-use interface: it has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, saving time and reducing stress for users.

How does the Staking Dashboard work?

Do you have your funds scattered across a thousand wallets and your portfolio is a mess? Try managing everything through the Staking Dashboard! Whether you are new to staking or an advanced investor, you will know how to take advantage of this tool thanks to how easy and intuitive it is to use. Want to know how you can get started?

  1. Access the Staking Dashboard: Users can access the Staking Dashboard at No registration is required, making it easy for anyone to start using it without unnecessary data!
Login Staking Dashboard
Login Staking Dashboard
  1. Connect your wallet: you can connect any wallet compatible with the Staking Dashboard to log in. Just connect your wallet and sign with it that you want to connect to our Staking Dashboard. You won't have to grant any permission!

  2. Add as many wallets as you want and select the networks you want to visualize: once connected, you will need to add wallets to start visualizing your data. Add as many active wallets as you have so we can start collecting data as soon as possible! If you have ever delegated with us, we can show you your data history.

  3. Navigate and monitor your assets: Have you already added all the wallets you want to track? From here, we will automatically show you the assets and rewards you have in each blockchain or the overview of your portfolio in the home section.

Future improvements to the Staking Dashboard

We are currently exploring possible improvements to enhance the functionality and user experience of our Staking Dashboard. As this tool is still in beta, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our users to help us improve its performance as much as possible.

Try it out and give us feedback to help shape the ultimate Staking Dashboard! If you have any suggestions or issues to report, don't hesitate to use our contact form. We will focus on incorporating your suggestions into future updates. Together, we can make the Staking Dashboard the best staking tracking tool in history!

Start using the Staking Dashboard now!

Have you been procrastinating on getting your assets in order? Try the Staking Dashboard now and enjoy a complete view of your portfolio. Don't put off until tomorrow what you could do today!

Staking Dashboard

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Features and benefits of the Staking Dashboard
How does the Staking Dashboard work?
Future improvements to the Staking Dashboard
Start using the Staking Dashboard now!

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