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Discover Stakely, your trusted node operator and infrastructure provider, leader in staking solutions. Explore our comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your blockchain experience.
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But first, what is staking?

Staking allows you to lock your assets on a blockchain to support the network security. By delegating to operators like Stakely, your staked assets help verify transactions and maintain the blockchain active. In return, you earn staking rewards

Earn staking rewards

Staking provides an opportunity to earn additional tokens simply by holding and participating in the validation process, offering additional rewards on your delegation

Strengthen network security

By staking, you contribute to the overall health and security of the network, making it more robust and resistant to attacks, and supporting its decentralization and integrity

Stake with us across 34 blockchains

Join the growing community of individual stakers and institutions trusting Stakely for their staking needs. Explore our supported networks and start staking today!

Trusted by leading protocols

We validate for the leading protocols in the industry, putting our all into driving ecosystem growth

Our products

Beyond delivering secure, enterprise-grade staking infrastructure, Stakely empowers the Web3 landscape with community tools and customized services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients

Staking Dashboard

Effortlessly monitor your staking rewards with our comprehensive, registration-free, multichain Staking Dashboard

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Customized solutions tailored to your needs:

White-Label Staking

Delegate your infrastructure complexities to us while you enjoy the benefits

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RPC nodes

Empower your dApp, DeFi protocol, or P2E game with our fully-managed RPC nodes

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Web3 Load Balancer

Ensure your decentralized applications perform at their peak with our load balancer, available for multiple blockchains!

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Multicoin Faucet

Ideal for developers and users alike, it allows you to cover network fees and engage seamlessly in Web3 activities

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Staking API

A single integration to simplify the complexities faced by institutions when implementing staking solutions, connecting them seamlessly to the blockchain economy

Staking Insurance and Slashing Protection

Ensure the security of your staking assets with our Staking Insurance. Our coverage safeguards your investments against potential slashing. Learn more about how Stakely's Staking Insurance can offer you a secure staking experience

Our Web3 contributions

At Stakely, we are committed to fostering a decentralized future. We have developed a suite of community tools and projects that contribute significantly to the Web3 ecosystem

Committed to a sustainable blockchain future

Stakely proudly offsets carbon emissions, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability

Our Value-Added

Choose Stakely as your node operator and experience unparalleled professionalism, security, and support


Our experience spans over 40 diverse networks, earning trust from major protocols and projects

Staking Insurance

At Stakely, we prioritize your assets' security with our Staking Insurance, offering the peace of mind you need

Dedicated support

We provide multilingual, dedicated support for our delegators and institutional clients, alongside educational resources to ease the staking process

Rigorous compliance

Pursuing certifications in ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC2 Type II, we're committed to meeting institutional standards and delivering reliable services

Trusted partner

Our values and dedication have garnered the support and endorsement from sector leaders. We listen to our partners' needs, crafting solutions that foster mutual growth.

Security Standards

With robust failover practices and established emergency protocols, we ensure the continuous operation and stability of our services

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