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December 6, 2022

Stakely's Monthly News Digest | November 2022 Edition

December 6, 2022

November is over! This month has brought us many news, such as the start of the Cosmos incentivized testnet that will bring Interchain Security and its corresponding consumer chains to the ecosystem. Stay tuned to find out more!

What's new at Stakely?

The month of November started with the great event organized by Staking Rewards, the Staking Summit, together with other great contributors to the PoS ecosystem.

Another important event that took place during the month of November was... The start of the long awaited Game of Chains! The third Cosmos incentive testnet started last November 7, and we are currently still engaged in it as participants. May the best man win!

In the meantime, we continue to feed our YouTube channel with educational content and new tutorials, with which you will learn...

Remember that you can consult any questions directly with us in the Stakely Chat and Stakely Chat Spanish Telegram channels. In addition, you can follow the latest news in the Telegram Announcements Channel, our Twitter, and our Youtube Channel.

Ecosystem news

Fantom (FTM)

Ramp Network has integrated with Fantom Network, this integration will provide vital infrastructure to attract new users to the crypto ecosystem, as well as the FTM token will be available as a payment method in Uquid Shop.

New after a long time, André Cronje has published two articles giving his vision on the future development of the Fantom ecosystem:

It has also been announced that André Cronje will speak at the Quantum Miami event in January 2023.

Polkadot (DOT)

Nomination Pools are now available on the Polkadot staking dashboard. Now, users will be able to stake 1 DOT to the pool of their choice and start earning rewards. In fact, more than 500,000 DOTs are currently staked in the nomination pools.

Also, MyEtherWallet together with Web3 Foundation and Parity Tech have developed MyDotWallet, so Polkadot users will be able to use it for easy staking of DOT or KSM.

On the other hand, Ajuna Network won Polkadot's parachain auction #31, while Polkadot's developer conference in Lisbon, the Sub0, was taking place.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Peachfolio integrates the Avalanche network, the only mobile app capable of tracking every $AVAX token. The Tie has also launched a dashboard that offers greater transparency into Avalanche data, giving users a more complete picture of NFT games and activity.

On the other hand, Raze Finance integrates the AVAX token into its NFT platform. Qualified investors can now use Raze Finance to invest in private companies using AVAX. Did you know that AVAX has been listed on Coinbase Japan?

Taking advantage of the attention, it has also launched its merchandising store, where anyone anywhere in the world can access Avalanche merchandising, such as T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts, among others.

Finally, Avalanche's blockchain has reached 450 million total transactions - congratulations to Avalanche!

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos launches Game of Chains, the incentivized testnet where validators will compete to test Interchain Security by completing challenges.

On the other hand, proposal #82, ATOM 2.0: a new vision for Cosmos Hub, was rejected by the Cosmos community. This proposal was intended to move towards ATOM 2.0, with Interchain Security and Liquid Staking as its flagship to strengthen the security of the network and consolidate it in the future. Faced with the community's discontent for presenting a proposal with so many changes at the same time, it has been decided to tackle ATOM 2.0 by breaking it down into small proposals, facilitating the debate and moving forward in a more progressive way.

Cosmos Proposal 82
Cosmos Proposal 82 (CRO) launches University in its app, where users will have access to interesting articles and test their knowledge by completing quizzes in exchange for rewards.

On the other hand, the OSMO token has been listed in their app, now users will be able to compare it with USD, EUR, GBP, and more than 20 fiat currencies.

Celo (CELO)

Celo has carried out The Flan Hardfork, which includes a number of updates to consensus security, an increase in the block gas limit and support for ethers.js.

On the other hand, Center App is now compatible with Celo; developers can now use the Center API to create NFT-related applications in Celo.

Finally, Celo has partnered with Infura with the aim of driving real-world use cases and adoption to facilitate on-chain transactions.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol has been integrated into Binance Custody. With this integration, institutional users can easily protect their NEAR assets and other NEP-141 compliant tokens.

On the other hand, it has also launched its section in Binance Feed, with this new section, users will be able to follow from Binance the most important news about NEAR Protocol.

Juno (JUNO)

Skip Protocol has launched its project on the Juno mainnet. Skip helps blockchain networks earn additional MEV revenue by running auctions in which traders compete for top-of-block execution and return profits to validators and delegators.

Moreover, Juno has also announced that Swift Protocol, a De-Commerce platform for buyers and sellers worldwide, will be launched on Juno in the first quarter of 2023.

Covalent (CQT)

Covalent was included in Messari's report published on November 1. It is worth noting that Messari is the leading provider of Web3 market intelligence.

Messari with Covalent
Messari with Covalent

Moreover, Covalent has partnered with Boba Network to provide reliable and high quality data to enable its developers to build their dApps faster and easier. Covalent has also integrated with Oasis Protocol to provide data accessibility to its blockchain, starting with Emerald ParaTime, an EVM-compatible ParaTime.

Stride (STRD)

0xcarbon integrates stATOM as collateral. On the 0xCarbon blockchain users will be able to secure loans and mint a new stable coin using stATOM.

Moreover, upon reaching the milestone of 413,000 ATOMs deposited on its platform, Stride decided to launch a proposal with the aim of having its on-chain governance choose Cosmos Hub validators to delegate tokens to.

Finally, Stride has advocated decentralization by distributing 4M STRD governance tokens that will be distributed to 340 000 unique addresses, via an airdrop that can be claimed in your application itself.

KILT Protocol (KILT)

This month marked one year since KILT Protocol removed the KILT Sudo Key, allowing its blockchain to be fully community-driven. Congratulations to KILT on its first year of decentralization!

On the other hand, KILT protocol launches proposal #17 to be voted in Polkassembly referendum #26. This proposal aims to change the staking rewards from an automatic distribution to a time period selected by the recipients. This will increase the scalability of the network and allow users to have full control over their rewards.

Likewise, KILT announces the next phase of Polimec Protocol (Polkadot Liquidity Mechanism) which will use the KILT blockchain for on-chain credentials for KYC/AML processes, issued by trusted third parties. In this way, the Polimec use case is a mechanism to accelerate the adoption of KILT credentials and DIDs (decentralized identifiers) and increase the traction of KILT Protocol.

Regen Network (REGEN)

Governance proposal #20 was approved, so REGEN was added to the list of allowed currencies in the Regen Marketplace Ecocredit.

In addition, Regen Marketplace is now compatible with mobile devices, where users will be able to make transactions with the Keplr Wallet mobile application.

Finally, Regen has launched the Cosmos Zero initiative that urges Cosmos protocols and validators to offset their carbon footprint and earn the Carbon Neutral badge. Stakely is Carbon Neutral as of January 2022, when we offset our carbon footprint, something we are proud of, as we are contributing to making Cosmos a cleaner and more environmentally friendly blockchain.

We have also launched a governance proposal to encourage Injective to become a Carbon Neutral network, which will be officially launched soon!

Concordium (CCD)

BictoryEx has integrated the Concordium blockchain and listed its native CCD token on its exchange, with the CCD/USDT pair.

On the other hand, Concordium announced that IDsure will build a decentralized application on its blockchain with the aim of digitizing certificates in the shipping industry.

Finally, Concordium has released documentation on the upgrade of its mainnet to** Node 5.0.6.** This release is version number 5 of the protocol and implements smart contract upgrade capability and performance improvements. This upgrade is expected to take place on December 13.

Injective (INJ)

Injective has announced that any dApp built on its blockchain can incorporate users who wish to use fiat thanks to Kado Money, allowing fiat on-ramps to change the game for mass adoption of Web3 finance.

On the other hand, dApps fees paid by users on Injective have been eliminated, including all Cosmos wallets. Injective will now be the only Cosmos blockchain with 0 gas fees!

This month Injective celebrates one year since the launch of its mainnet and to celebrate it has launched the Ninja Pass, which will give you access to products, events, giveaways and many exclusive Injective surprises. Happy birthday to Injective!

See you next month! 👋

We're wrapping up our November news roundup! As you can see, no bear market can dampen the mood of our networks. So as not to miss any news, follow us on Twitter and experience live with us the freshest news from the different ecosystems for which we validate.

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What's new at Stakely?
Ecosystem news
See you next month! 👋

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